Decameron is a two-part volume consisting of 100 'quite short' prose stories ('quite short' meaning "not more than 1,000 words.") We accept multiple and simultaneous submissions. In addition, we welcome submissions of original translations from any language into English, accompanied by a copy of the source text and details about that text’s original appearance in publication.

NB: An original call for submissions for Decameron was issued in 2009. The materials received by that founding group of editors were retained and passed on to the current editorial staff, for consideration for publication in Volume 1 (2014), Numbers 1 & 2.

Decameron is published by the Boston-based Pen & Anvil Press.

This submission category is for authors who wish their submissions to be considered for publication in Decameron Annual, but who do not wish to be considered for the Decameron Fiction Prize.

Again, submissions marked "anthology only" will not be considered for the Decameron Fiction Prize.

Authors who prefer to submit in hard copy may mail their stories to Decameron, c/o Boston Poetry Union, USPS Box 15274, Boston MA 02215. Please include an email address, phone number, or self-addressed and stamped postcard for our response.

Please specify whether you would like the editors to give you feedback on your submission, or if you prefer to be informed only of their decision.

Decameron Annual